Gait Scan Technology

TOG GaitScanâ„¢

Our GaitScanâ„¢ System is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for assessing a patient’s biomechanics. GaitScanâ„¢ has an industry high 4096 sensors and scans at an industry high 300Hz (scans per second). These measurements provide today’s Health Care Professionals with a sophisticated explanation of foot mechanics and assists them with orthotic and/or shoe solutions. TOG GaitScanâ„¢ is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available.
This leading-edge technology consists of a specially designed pressure plate connected to a lap top computer and printer. It only takes a few minutes – you simply walk over the pressure plate and thousands of tiny sensors imbedded in the mat measure the distribution of force throughout your foot during each step, identifying high-pressure areas and gait abnormalities. This system is equipped with enough sensors and speed to accurately graph pressures exerted during the gait cycle during both walking and running. This new information allows us to provide you with the most complete foot assessment possible with two main advantages:

1) We can more easily identify if you could benefit from custom orthotics.
2) We send this information along with your conventional 3D sub-talar neutral casts to our lab which means we can create a superior orthotic.

TOG GaitScan has been engineered to provide both 2D and 3D dynamic assessments of the feet. Each offers its own unique perspective of what is happening in each foot during the 0.7-1.0 seconds when your foot is in contact with the ground. It enables us to compare your results with that of an optimal foot, an abnormal foot, or any foot in our data base. From there we can print off a colour copy of your gait analysis report for you.


  • System is portable so we can bring it to your facility if you have several employees, co-workers, etc. who may benefit from gait analysis
  • Fast, detailed, and accurate gait plate with 4096 sensors
  • Data acquisition at 125 scans per second
  • Analyzes static stance, walking and running
  • No weight restrictions, can assess small children
  • Incredible detailed 2D and 3D graphics
  • Real Time Static Display